Harunobu, Suzuki

(1725 Edo-6/29/1770 Edo) (Japan); aka Hozumi Jihei / Go Choeiken
   Woodblock printmaker and painter. Started career specializing in actor portraits and later almost exclusively beautiful woman, courtesans and aristocratic women. Illustrated numerous books and erotic albums, including the 24 print series Furyu Enshoku Maneyemon ["The elegant erotic Maney-mon"]. Revered for his mastery of the "nishiki-e" technique where 5-10 colors are used, often called "brocade engravings."
   Reproductions: [Anal intercourse between two men]; Klinger, 1982a: fig. 51 . Attack from behind; Bowie, 1970: fig. 79 [B]. [Bedroom scene involving clothing]; Fagioli 1997: plate 28 . [Copulating couple]; Beurdeley, 1977: p. 143 [C] / Klinger, 1982a: figs. 43, 50 [B]. [Copulating couple in sedan]; late 1760s; Smith, 1974: plate 27 [C]. [Couple copulating]; late 1760s; Webb, 1975: p. 95 [B]. [Couple copulating in bed with a tiny man watching]; Beurdeley, 1977: p. 197 [B]. [Couple copulating on a horse]; c1768; Beur-deley, 1977: p. 199 [B]. [Couple copulating on cart]; late 1760s; Rawson, 1983: plate 26 [C]. [Couple copulating standing]; c1768; Beurdeley, 1977: p. 201 [B]. [Couple copulating while being watched]; Beurdeley, 1977: p. 196 [B]. [Couple copulating while being watched by a tiny human] c1768; Klinger, 1982a: fig. 46 [B]. [Couple copulating while being watched by a man and a tiny human]; Klinger, 1982a: fig. 44 [B]. [Couple copulating while being watched by a woman and a tiny human] c1768; Beurdeley, 1977: p. 198 [B] / Klinger, 1982a: fig. 45 [B]. [Couple copulating while the woman plays a musical instrument]; Beurdeley, 1977: p. 213 [B]. [Couple interrupted by a woman with a tiny human]; Klinger, 1982a: p. 47 [B]. [Couple in bath]; Fagioli 1997: plate 26 [C]. [Couple on fishing boat]; Fagioli 1997: plate 23 [C]. [Couple next to stream]; Fagioli 1997: plate 22 [C]. [Couple surprised by woman with snowball]; Fa-gioli 1997: plate 24 [C]. [Couple watched by nude woman]; Fagioli 1997: plate 25 [C]. [Dream fantasy]; late 1760s; Webb, 1975: p. 98 [B]. [Group sex scene]; Gnojewski, 2004: pp. 44-45 [C]. Ka-muro sits behind a screen as lovers get intimate; c1770; Ronin, 1979: fig. 70 [C]. [Lesbian scene]; Gnojewski, 2004: p. 6 [C]. [Lovers]; Smith, 1974: pp. 34-35 [C] / Evans, 1975: fig. 3.1, 3.7, 6.1, 6.36.5, 6.7, 6.9-6.14 [B], colorplates 5, 6 [C]. [Lovers by a stream]; c1768; Illing, 1978: plate 7 [C] / Gno-jewski 2004: pp. 30-31 [C]. [Lovers on a boat]; c1765; Gnojewski, 2004: p. 33 (lower) [C]. [Maiden using dildo to pleasure herself]; Beurdeley, 1977: p. 188 [B]. [Man kissing woman's breast]; Beurde-ley, 1977: p. 145 [C]. [Masked man in field copulates with working woman]; Klinger, 1982a: fig. 28 [B]. [Masked man with woman and child who has a drum]; Klinger, 1982a: fig. 49 [B]. Noodle pedd-lar; Beurdeley, 1977: p. 191 [C]. [Outdoor nighttime scene]; Fagioli 1997: plate 30 [C]. Romantic adventure of Man'emon (illus. from); c1768; Thomas, 2008: fig. 325. Shell game; Kronhausen, 1968: p. 299 [B]. Sudden attack in the snow; c1768; Beurdeley, 1977: p. 149 [C]. [Two women and a man in a bedroom scene]; Fagioli 1997: plate 31 [C]. [Woman with sleeping husband has intercourse with another man]; late 1760s; Rawson, 1983: plate 26 [C].
   [b]Source: Benezit, vol. 6: pp. 1205-1206; ThB XVI 1923: p. 91.

Dictionary of erotic artists: painters, sculptors, printmakers, graphic designers and illustrators. .

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